Who Are We?

We’re the nonprofits that started the brilliant specialty plate idea without cost to taxpayers decades ago.  They’re a matter of state pride, make Florida’s cars look good, and raise money to do a lot of good.  Florida’s nonprofits, colleges and some agencies think up the plates, the Legislature approves each, and DMV sells them. 



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What We Do

Our members created Florida’s fantastic specialty plates, and we spread the word about them the great groups and causes behind them, and we work to assure the plates are bolstered and not errantly harmed by lack of a comprehensive understanding of how it arose and functions. 



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Contact Details

Florida Specialty License Plate Association

  • PO Box 30, Daytona Beach,
    FL 32115-0030
  • (954)830-6300
  • (386)677-6864
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